Warm Windpad




Oscillator A carries a melodic phrase I played on my Soprano sax. Set to granular mode it plays back ten times slower than the original recording so you hear the first note of the phrase for a long time. If you're patient enough you'll hear the rest of the phrase. This is processed by a Supercomb Filter with a lot of Feedback which is modulated by a morphing Frequency Shifter and then run through a LPF 8 Pole. Channel B uses a FM wave with two modified waves, FM Index controlled by an envelope, Osc Mod Morph controlled by a LFO. A LPF 8 Pole and a Cloudfilter furtherly process the signal. The warmth in this Pad is mainly generated in Channel C running a Double Oscillator processd by a LPF 8 Pole and a Waveshaper. All Channels have their seperate Macros for Volume control. A Cloudfilter and another PLF 8 Pole in the Master section add the final touches, control the Master Cutoff Frequency with the assigned Macro. The Modwheel adds a fast temposynced sawshaped Filter Modulation. A Pipe unit in the FX section adds the neccessary space. Check the LFO and envelope pages for further Modulation sources and targets. Happy padding!
1.2MB Wav/48khz/24Bit